Meet Kate!

Hello! I’m Kate- homeschool mama to 2 amazing, crazy kiddos, 2 adult kiddos (1 at home, 1 away from home), and wife to my dedicated, city-slicker-turned-hillbilly hubby! We’ve been a homeschool family for 9 years and thank God everyday for the blessings that have come from the decision to take this leap.

I am also a credentialed teacher with extensive training in reading, Dyslexia, Orton-Gillingham methods and curriculums, and struggling learners. I have enjoyed almost 20 years of helping children of all ages overcome learning struggles, gain confidence, and achieve success. My own children span a range of skills from gifted to struggling with Dyslexia and visual processing disorders (VPD). Experiencing both sides of this spectrum, both professionally and personally, continued to increase my desire to homeschool and provide personalized learning experiences for my own children while helping others do the same.

Enter Reading Done Right! My longed for, fuzzy vision coming into focus. Between my years as a homeschool teacher in a public charter school, my own homeschool journey as a parent, and my desire to support parents who feel like “something just isn’t clicking” with their child’s learning, I am finally bringing to life a resource that I hope will be informative, supportive, and accessible to all families. But don’t let the web name fool you- I can help with math too! Oftentimes, math content is difficult due to the language component. Consequently, I work with students on math to build their understanding of academic language, demystify word problems, and boost their understanding of math concepts to develop skills and proficiency.

Whether you are a homeschool parent or have a child in a traditional school setting, we all want to do everything we can to ensure our children learn confidently and achieve their goals. As you navigate the world of education, I’m here to help and support you and your students along the way!

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